18 Wheeler Collision


Houston is a hub for heavy duty trucking activity. With the Port of Houston and one of the fastest-growing populations in the United States, the trucking industry is thriving in the state of Texas. Unfortunately, more trucks on the road mean more possibilities for collisions.

“Big truck collisions can be devastating. I have seen first hand the loss that families can suffer at the wheel of negligent truck drivers. No family should ever have to experience that pain. I will fight to right these wrongs.”

– Attorney David Pettus

Truck companies typically compensate drivers by the mile, so truck drivers have an incentive to deliver the load as quickly as they possibly can for a quicker turn around. This leads to decreased sleep, decreased focus and an increase in recklessness.

When collisions happen, the Pettus Law Firm has the experience you need to take on the insurance companies that insure these trucking companies.

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